Education Scholars Program

Scholar Success

We ask Alumni to keep us informed of their activities by sending us their CVs or notifying us informally. Here are some of the highlights of their activities since graduating from the 2004-2006, 2006-2008, 2008-2010 ESP Cohorts.

Najma Ahmed completed a qualitative study which is in press with Academic Medicine titled 'Career Satisfaction Among General Surgeons in Canada: A Qualitative Study of Enablers and Barriers to Improve Recruitment and Retention in General Surgery'. Najma was also promoted to Associate Professor in 2010.

Adelle Atkinson received the UofT, Faculty of Medicine Sarita Verma Award for Advocacy and Mentorship in Postgraduate Medicine in 2010.

Bruce Ballon is the Director of Education for SIM-one (Simulation Ontario Network of Excellence) that encompasses all the health centres and training programs in Ontario. He is also the Director of the Psychiatry Simulation Innovation (P.S.I.) Centre for UofT based at the Mount Sinai Hospital. Bruce was promoted to Associate Professor in 2011.

Stacey Bernstein was appointed in 2012 as overall Clerkship Director for the Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) Program for UofT's Faculty of Medicine.

Sheena Bhimji-Hewitt was given the Individual Award of Merit in September 2012 for Excellence in Interprofessional Education Teaching by the Centre for Interprofessional Education, UofT. Sheena also had two publications: 'Learning is in the facilitation: faculty experiences with facilitated teaching – findings from informal discussions' (Journal of Allied Health. 2011); 'Teaching Collaboration: A Retrospective Look at Incorporating Teamwork into an Interprofessional Curriculum' (JMIRS, 2011).

Jean-Pierre Bissonette was promoted to Associate Professor in 2012.

Milena Forte received the 2012 Faculty and Staff Achievement award in Educational Achievement Innovation (Postgraduate Education Program) from Family and Community Medicine. Milena was also the co-lead on a commissioned paper on 'Innovations in Teaching and Learning in the Clinical Setting for Postgraduate Medical Education' (2011).

Ann Fox published 'Inside the Actors' Studio: Exploring Dietetics Education Practices Through Dialogical Inquiry' in Qualitative Inquiry (2012).

Elizabeth Hanna received the Award of Merit for Excellence in Interprofessional Teaching in 2011 by the Office of IPE at UofT. In February 2012, Elizabeth received the Department of Physical Therapy (UofT) Recognition Award in the category of Centre Coordinator of Clinical Education.

Raed Hawa was appointed the Director of Undergraduate Medical Education for the Department of Psychiatry at the UofT. Raed was also promoted to Associate Professor in 2010.

Darlene Hubley presented 'Enhancing the learning environment in a clinical setting by inviting patients/clients and families to be IPE facilitators' at Collaboration Across Boarders (Arizona, 2011).

Debbie Kwan received the 2012 Excellence in Continuing Education, Professional Development Program Award from Family and Community Medicine at UofT, which recognizes contributions in Primary Care Today Planning Committee.

Mandy Lowe became the Associate Director for the Centre for Interprofessional Education in September 2011. In February 2011, Mandy took on the Director of Education and Professional Development position at the University Health Network.

Larissa Matukas was appointed Head of the Division of Microbiology, Department of Laboratory Medicine, at St. Michael's Hospital in June 2012. Larissa received the 2012 Bernadette Garvey Award at St. Michael's Hospital.

Brenda Mori was appointed as Director, Education Scholars Program in January 2012 and is pursuing her PhD with the Graduate Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, UofT.

Filomena Meffe was awarded the 2012 Sustained Excellence in Postgraduate teaching from Obstetrics and Gynaecology at St Michael's Hospital.

Barbara-Ann Millar was appointed as the Associate Director of the Education Scholars Program in February, 2011.

George Oreopoulos was appointed residency program director in Vascular Surgery at UofT in July 2011.

Rick Penciner had several publications and national presentations including 'Using a Delphi process to establish consensus on emergency medicine clerkship competencies' (Medical Teacher, 2011); and the 'Faculty and professional development needs of emergency physicians' (Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine, 2011).

Pippi Salle was the recipient of the inaugural Women's Auxiliary Chair in Urology and Regenerative Medicine.

Melinda Solomon was awarded the 2012 POWER Teacher Awards from Paediatrics. In 2010, Melinda was promoted to Associate Professor.

Jennifer Thull-Freedman was appointed the Director of Patient Safety and Quality Improvement for the Division of Paediatric Emergency Medicine at Alberta Children's Hospital in Calgary in September 2012.

Martin van der Vyver received the 2012 Helen Batty Faculty Development Award for Innovation in Program Development and Design.

Brian Wong was promoted to Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine in July 2011. Brian was also appointed Director of Faculty Development & Continuing Education in Quality and Safety, for the Department of Medicine at UofT in September 2011.

Vincent Woo was the 2012 recipient of the Abe Miller Undergraduate Teaching Award, Psychiatry, UofT.

Ari Zaretsky assumed the role of Psychiatrist-in-Chief for the Department of Psychiatry at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in September 2012. Ari received the UofT, Faculty of Medicine Sarita Verma Award for Advocacy and Mentorship in Postgraduate Medicine in 2012. In 2011, Ari became a Canadian Psychiatric Association Distinguished Fellow.