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The CFD's Team for Research & Evaluation in Education (TREE) provides education research support sessions for individuals or small groups interested in personalized help with their health professions education research needs. For example, we could help with getting started with research tools (e.g. reference management or data analysis software), conceptualization of a research plan, REB proposal, research presentation, or preparation of a manuscript for publication. These sessions are offered every month and will run 1 to 3 hours as needed.

A scheduled appointment is required.

If you have questions about education research support, please contact the CFD's Team for Research & Evaluation in Education (TREE) at

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Education Research Community

The CFD Team for Research and Evaluation in Education hosts an Education Research Community (ERC) based at the Li Ki Shing Knowledge Institute.

What is the ERC?

The Education Research Community (ERC) is an interdisciplinary mix of aspiring education researchers made up of administrators, educators, and clinical teachers from varied roles, professions, and experience levels with research.

There are 4 formats for the sessions:

  1. ERC Tips & Tricks (T&T - 15 minute mini-lesson followed by 45 minutes of protected, guided work-time)
  2. Guest Lecture (a lesson from an invited guest)
  3. Open Session (ERC members bring their own work and get feedback from the group, e.g. abstract or presentation for conference)
  4. Members' Choice (members vote on research topic of interest for hour-long facilitated dialogue)
When is the ERC?

The ERC meets every other Monday from 12-1pm. Members can pick and choose which sessions are of interest to them. It is a welcoming, informal environment and members are welcome to bring their lunches.

Please contact for more information and to be added to the mailing list.