Archived BPER Rounds

Please note: Registration is now Required

In an effort to automate and more accurately report on attendance for accreditation purposes - we have have changed BPER events to require registration. This will ensure that your attendance is tracked to your CFD account, and that all past sessions attended can be seen on your dashboard. Please make sure to sign up for an account, or update your current information to register for BPER sessions.

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Our Best Practice in Education Rounds (BPER) are accredited group learning activities as defined by the Maintenance of Certification Program of The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. They are also accredited group learning activities as defined by the College of Family Physicians and Surgeons.

Rounds are open to anyone who is interested in attending. Registration is now required. Participants who register for BPER Rounds are able to participate in person at Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute or via webinar as a group at a local hospital site, or via personal computer or smartphone. Site-specific room details can be found on each BPER event page.

BPER is co-sponsored and organized by our Centre, and The Wilson Centre. Presentations originate from Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, and are video-cast to various GTA locations.

Follow us live on Twitter @CentreforFacDev and ask questions during the session