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  • Tue / Jun 16
    12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
  • 1.00 hours
Adaptive education: developing competence in virtual care

This BPER round is co-hosted by the Centre for Faculty Development at St. Michael’s Hospital, Continuing Professional Development, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto, and the Wilson Centre

Physical distancing measures created urgent need for virtual care across our system.  However, formal training in virtual care is not necessarily included in the formal curricula during residency training nor is it always a part of continuing education. During this session, a panel of experts will describe the development of an education program that combines education science and theories of expertise to support practicing family physicians to provide comprehensive primary care virtually. 

The group will discuss

1) How to adapt education in order to increase the readiness and capacity of physicians to provide virtual care
2) The role of assessment in high-quality online education and
3) The importance of evaluation in the design and implementation of adaptive education 

  • Nicole Woods PhD

    Senior Director, Education and Research Integration, University Health Network
    Scientific Director, The Institute for Education Research (TIER), University Health Network
    Associate Director & Education Scientist, The Wilson Centre
    Associate Professor & Education Scientist, Office of Education Scholarship, Department of Family & Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

  • Risa Freeman MD, CCFP, MEd, FCFP

    Vice-Chair Education and Scholarship
    Director Office of Education Scholarship
    Department of Family & Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

  • Mahan Kulasegaram Ph.D, BHSc.(Hons)

    Education Scientist, The Wilson Centre & Undergraduate Medical Education
    Assistant Professor, Department of Family & Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

  • David Rojas PhD

    Evaluation Scientist, Centre for Ambulatory Care Education (CACE), Women’s College Hospital & Office of Assessment and Evaluation, MD Program, University of Toronto
    Cross-Appointed Scientist, Wilson Centre, University Health Network & University of Toronto
    Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto