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  • Tue / Oct 20
    12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
  • 1.00 hours
Useful to Whom? Program Evaluation Utilization & Scope in Good Times & COVID-19 Times

What is perceived as useful program evaluation can be highly debatable, among program stakeholders. However, despite perpetual mandates for evaluation in health professions education, there has been limited examination of the value that different stakeholders gain (or seek to gain) from program evaluation. In this presentation, the speakers will introduce our audience to evaluation utilization theory and research. They will explore different forms of evaluation utilization and discuss the influence that prioritization of different forms of evaluation utilization can have on both the scope and impact of evaluation scholarship. In the second part of the presentation, they will reflect on and discuss how the current pandemic has affected the scope and use of evaluation in medical education. Ultimately, these rounds should stimulate thinking about what is required for transparent evaluation inquiry and practice that facilitates meaningful evaluation utilization. Furthermore, the insights shared should allow medical educators and scholars alike, to better align their curricular, scholarly, and administrative intentions with appropriate evaluation methodologies.

Please note: All Best Practice in Education Rounds are free of charge to anyone who may want to attend.

This workshop is an accredited group learning activity as defined by the Maintenance of Certification Program of The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. It is also accredited group learning activities as defined by the College of Family Physicians and Surgeons.

  • Betty Onyura PhD

    Assistant Professor & Evaluation Science Lead-Office of Education Scholarship,Department of Family & Community Medicine, University of Toronto
    Evaluation Research Scientist, Centre for Faculty Development
    Scientist, Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, St. Michael's Hospital

  • Anne Vo PhD

    Senior Director of Assessment and Evaluation, Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine
    Assistant Professor, Health Systems Science