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How was EduPReT developed?

Best practices in education were identified through various sources:

  1. Integrated feedback on key educator competencies generated through a system-wide collaboration of health professional educators from academic health care institutions in the greater Toronto area.
  2. Review of existing literature in health professions and higher education.
  3. Insights gleaned from our own internal research and curricular offerings.

What does EduPReT consist of?

This questionnaire has 6 sections:

  1. Curriculum Development
  2. Assessment
  3. Teaching
  4. Evidence-Informed Practice
  5. Research and Scholarship
  6. Work wellbeing

What's in it for me?

  • EduPReT can be used as part of your longitudinal learning portfolio
  • It serves as a reflective exercise which you can discuss with your journal club leader, mentor, department head, practice leader, etc.
  • You will receive:
    • a customized summary of your responses
    • a list of suggested faculty development workshops and programs based on your responses

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Data Use: Data Use: Data are used for ongoing evaluation and quality improvement at the CFD. All data are de-identified and aggregated to ensure your confidentiality. If you have any questions, about data use please contact the Centre for Faculty Development

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