Education Research Community

Education Research Community

The CFD Team for Research and Evaluation in Education hosts an Education Research Community (ERC) based at the Li Ki Shing Knowledge Institute. ERC is a partnership between CFD and AERO, with member organizations CIPE, C-QuIPS and the Sunnybrook ERU, and is free of charge to anyone who may want to attend.

What is the ERC?

The Education Research Community (ERC) is an interdisciplinary mix of aspiring education researchers made up of administrators, educators, and clinical teachers from varied roles, professions, and experience levels with research.

ERC has a membership model where members can sign up to share their works in progress with the community in a friendly, informal environment.

Current ERC Membership List
  • Alifiya Goriawala
  • Ayelet Kuper
  • Betty Onyura
  • Brenda Mori
  • Catherine Yu
  • Csilla Kalocsai
  • Debbie Kwan
  • Elizabeth Leung
  • Elizabeth Udler
  • Emilia Kangasjarvi
  • Giselle Lai
  • Haifeng Yu
  • Helen Mawdsley
  • Henry Halapy
  • Hollie Mullins
  • Jana Lazor
  • Joanna Sale
  • Joanne Goldman
  • Karen Leslie
  • Kristofer Bandayrel
  • Latika Nirula
  • Laura Dempster
  • Laura Hayos
  • Lindsay Baker
  • Lindsay Beavers (she/her)
  • Lindsay Herzog
  • Lorne Costello
  • Najma Ahmed
  • Naz Torabi
  • Nazmun Nahar Alam
  • Paula Rowland
  • Rene Wong
  • Ritu Mohan Agrawat
  • Robyn Davies
  • Ryan Brydges
  • Sacha Agrawal
  • Sakshi Gandotra
  • Sally Binks
  • Samir Grover
  • Sharona Kanofsky
  • Shehla Khan
  • Stella Ng
  • Stephanie Sliekers
  • Susanna Talarico
  • Zack Osborne

There are 3 formats for the sessions:

  1. Invited Talks (a presentation from an invited guest)
  2. Open Sessions (ERC members bring their own work and get feedback from the group, e.g. abstract or presentation for conference)
  3. Journal club (a facilitated discussion about relevant articles in the health professions education literature)

In addition, ERC hosts an annual colloquium (see below for details).

ERC supports a space for academic freedom and the opportunity to discuss diverse viewpoints and ideas from researchers and practitioners, including perspectives that may differ from or challenge commonly held assumptions and positions.

When is the ERC?

ERC typically meets every other Monday from 12-1pm during the academic year in Li Ka Shing Room 573 (with some exceptions, noted with an asterisk on the schedule). Since September 2020 ERC has been virtual on Zoom.

Where: Zoom (register for details)
When: Every other Monday from 12-1pm
Schedule: ERC Flexible Schedule


ERC holds an annual colloquium with an invited speaker from outside our local community. The next one will be held in February 2022. Date and time details to follow.

Past ERC colloquiums:

ERC 2020-2021 Annual Colloquium
Title: (Re)creating relational spaces with sex workers during COVID-19: Lessons for health professions education & research
Speaker: Dr. Jodi Hall & Julie B, Co-Founder, Executive Director SafeSpace London

ERC 2019-2020 Annual Colloquium
Title: Being, Becoming, and Belonging – Research Into a Mindful Approach to Health Professions Education
Speaker: Dr. Elizabeth Anne Kinsella, Professor of Professional Education and Practice, Western University

ERC 2018-2019 Annual Colloquium
Title: Public Mistrust and Health Communications Regarding Vaccine Hesitancy and Refusal
Speaker: Dr. Maya Goldberg, Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Guelph


Stella Ng
Program Director
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Emilia Kangasjarvi
Program Coordinator
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