Education Scholars Program

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Program Overview

This longitudinal leadership development program for health professional educators fosters academic excellence, creativity and scholarly productivity in education. The program builds capacity by enhancing competence in education leadership, scholarship, curriculum and teaching thus facilitating opportunities for advancement. Each Education Scholars Program (ESP) cohort experiences a uniquely designed curriculum that is structured to adapt to the specific needs of the Scholars, sponsoring departments and the current educational environment.


The ESP is a leadership development program for educators of health professionals. The purpose of ESP is to:

  • Support and enable the success of health professional educators in their roles as scholarly educators, education leaders and teachers as well as, faculty developers who support their colleagues in their educational work.
  • Create a foundation for building an inter-departmental, inter and intra-professional, and inter-faculty community of practice within the program as well as facilitating their integration into the greater community of scholars in health professional education both locally and beyond.
  • Prepare current and future education leaders in the health professions and health sciences.

Our program goals are to support and enable the success of health professional and health science faculty/staff in their many roles as educators. These roles include being an education leader, scholar and teacher as well as a faculty developer who supports their colleagues in their educational work. Curriculum Goals are to create:

  • scholarly health professional educators
  • faculty developers
  • a community of practice and link to existing communities of educators

  • Teaching Excellence and Curriculum Design
  • Education Scholarship
  • Education Leadership
  • Faculty Development

As the ESP embraces an evolving curriculum design model, each cohort experiences a curriculum that is uniquely designed and adapts to the needs of the Scholars, sponsoring departments and the current education environment.

Unique aspects of the program include:

  • Education leadership and career development curriculum
  • Adaptive curriculum that evolves with the needs of the class
  • Involvement of more than 100 faculty members as teachers, consultants, program committee members, and project advisors.
  • Peer and faculty mentoring
  • Inter and intra-professional participants
  • Engagement in a scholarly community

The program is eligible for up to 4 course credits in the Masters in Community Health Science - Health Professions Teaching Education at the University of Toronto.

In addition to weekly class preparation, scholars complete assignments over the course of the two year program. As an applied program all course work and assignments are directly relevant to participants' educational practices.

Additional information on weekly classes, course work, and assignment.

Individuals in educator roles within the Faculty of Medicine and other health professions.

Tuition fees and protected time for our 2020-2022 cohort are as follows:

  • University of Toronto Health Professional Faculty - $5825 per year
  • University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine - $6400 per year
  • Faculty outside of the Faculty of Medicine - $6825 per year

In addition, Scholars are supported to be free from work commitments to attend each Tuesday from 12:30-5:00 pm.

The application period for the Education Scholars program is now closed. For inquiries about joining our next cohort (2022-2024), please contact Camille Borromeo Denbigh.

Camille Borromeo Denbigh, B.A. (Hons), CE
Education Program Coordinator
(416) 864-6060 x77419

More Questions? Contact:

ESP Program Reports and Brochure