Education Scholars Program


When Are Classes Held

Classes are held each week on Tuesday afternoon in the Li Ka Shing building (209 Victoria Street - across from St. Michael's Hospital) for two academic years (September-early June) in room 216 (2nd floor); unless otherwise noted. Classes for the 2020-2022 cohort will commence the 2nd week of September 2020. Please note that no classes are scheduled during the end of year holiday break, March Break and Summer.

Course Work

In preparation for each class, Scholars read 1-2 articles and/or prepare a short assignment. Other assignments over the course of the two year program include:

  • Grand Rounds/Formal Lecture presentation on an education topic in their home departments
  • Feedback reports to the faculty on their teaching & curriculum design
  • Reflection papers
  • Learning contracts
  • Development of a 1.5 hour workshop
  • Scholarly project
  • Peer formative consultative feedback reports
  • Facilitating small group discussions
  • Career and education leadership development plans


Scholarly Project
Each Scholar develops a scholarly project on an educational topic that is of relevance to their practice as educators. Advisors are assigned to help support the Scholars in the development and implementation of their project. At graduation, there is poster reception in which they disseminate their findings to each other and guests.

Lecture presentation
At the end of the first year of the program, Scholars construct and deliver a lecture presentation to their home department on a topic in education will be helpful to their colleagues in their teaching / education roles. Their lecture is peer-reviewed by a classmate who provides them with feedback.

Scholars Choice workshop
In the second year of the program, Scholars are given the opportunity to develop and teach a 90 minute workshop to the ESP on a particular educational topic with a Scholar peer. The class then provides them with formative feedback at the end of class

Apprentice discussions and reports
Once during the first academic year, each Scholar is paired with one of the instructors for the program to discuss the design of their class. Immediately after that class is taught, the apprentice facilitates a class discussion that focuses on the design, teaching behaviours and presentation skills of the program. The class prepares a formative feedback report for the faculty to provide useful feedback for the faculty who taught the class as well as enable the development of the Scholars’ feedback skills.