There are many scholarly questions about the practice of faculty development. Individuals who have roles relating to the development, delivery and evaluation of faculty development traditionally have evolved into the faculty developer role from other roles as teachers and educators. The following are examples of the work in which we have been engaged in this area of study:

Scholarship on Establishing a Programme of Faculty Development

This conceptual piece presents a model intended to help guide other medical schools when considering the development of programs in faculty development:

Publication - Baker L, Reeves S, Egan‐Lee E, Leslie K, Silver I (2009). The ties that bind: A network approach to creating a programme in faculty development. Medical Education; 44 (2): 132-139.

Determining the Competencies of Faculty Developers

The literature provides some insight into the skills required by faculty developers, however empirical evidence surrounding competence in faculty developers is lacking. Given the impact that FD can have on medical education, there is an imperative to understand the nature of competency within FD. This works has the potential to inform the development of ‘train the trainer’ programs to meet growing demands in FD.

Using an ethnographic approach, this qualitative multi-site study will involve 3 phases. First, ethnographical observations will be employed to generate an in-depth understanding of the nature of faculty developers’ practices ‘in situ’. Secondly, interviews with faculty developers and focus groups with learners will be conducted to generate a deeper understanding of their respective views and perceptions on FD practice and to explore the construction of competence within the faculty development community. Through further analysis and synthesis of these data, competence for faculty developers will be defined.

Grant - Leslie K, Marshall D, Meuser J, Stubbs B, Panisko D, Mylopoulos M, Lingard L, Onyura B, Egan-Lee E, Baker L. Defining competence for faculty developers. Funded by The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada Medical Education Grant. 2012.