Online Supplements (OS)

Our Online Supplements (OS) are meant to support education and teaching efforts within the health professions.  Ideally, the OS would be used in conjunction with in-person sessions as we can then contextualize content, promote dialogue, and debrief activities.

Our team, based in Toronto, Canada, is developing a number of OS covering reflexive approaches to health professions education:

  • Paradigms of Education *
  • Teaching for Transformation
  • Paradigms of Research *
  • Ethical Research Practice *
  • Authorship Ethics
  • * Coming soon

These are all freely accessible and continually updated. Funding to support this work comes from: the Centre for Faculty Development and the Arrell Family Chair in Health Professions Teaching.

Teaching for Transformation

The purpose of the Teaching for Transformation OS is to introduce and inspire a transformative education approach with a focus on one such approach: critical pedagogy. We will go through the theory of critical pedagogy and provide some examples of related education practices. Throughout this OS you will encounter activities to support your understanding and provide practical tools for education practice.

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The purpose of the Authorship Ethics OS is to foster and support ethical authorship practices in health professions education and scholarship. We will introduce the authorship guidelines used by most leading health professions journals.  We will then explore their limitations and how factors such as culture, power, and relationships  may complicate the application of these guidelines in practice.  Throughout this OS you will  encounter activities to support your understanding and practical tools to support your education practice.

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