Research & Evaluation

Research Team

Research and evaluation are integral to the Centre for Faculty Development’s (CFD’s) commitment to advancing the field of faculty development. The CFD, with its Team for Research & Evaluation in Education (TREE), is developing a program of research in health professions education founded on a core commitment to interdisciplinary, theoretically-informed social scientific inquiry. Our research vision attends to multiple ways of knowing, teaching, learning, and developing as health professionals and educators. Areas of research interest include constructions of competence in faculty development, leadership and career development, identity formation and wellbeing in the health professions, faculty development impact, and knowledge translation in medical education.

All CFD faculty and staff are engaged in research and evaluation related to CFD programs and activities. Research and evaluation at CFD is supported by:

Our research productivity is reflected in our publications and grants to date. We are also contributing members of the Institute for Knowledge Mobilization to which we submit brief online articles (blogs) about our research activities and thinking related to knowledge translation and mobilization as it relates to faculty development.