There are many questions about the role that faculty development can play in enhancing teaching and learning. The following projects are examples of the work in which we have been engaged in this area:

Understanding How Teachers Use Teaching Evaluations

This work explored how teachers use their teaching evaluations formatively to reflect on their teaching skills and faculty development needs. Teachers report that numerical scores are less useful than constructive comments that students provide. We need to find ways to enhance students understanding of how their comments can be useful to teachers.

Grant - Leslie K, Dionne A, Lieff S, Pittini R, Reeves S, Schreiber M. Utilizing teaching evaluations to promote faculty development in teaching undergraduate medical education. Funded by Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) Curriculum Renewal Fund, University of Toronto. 2009-2010.

Exploring Long Term Outcomes of Participants in a Teacher Training Certificate Program

This research aimed to understand the longer term outcomes of participants who had completed a certificate program in teaching and education with respect to their identity development as scholarly teachers and their experiences with communities of practice of teachers and educators.

Grant - Richardson D, Wagner S, Dionne A, Leslie K, Reeves S. A Longitudinal Impact Evaluation of the Centre for Faculty Development’s Stepping Stones Certificate Program: Educator Identity and Professional Networks. Funded by the Continuing Education Research and Development Fund, University of Toronto. 2006.

Exploring How Educators Identify and Use Empirical Knowledge from Medical Education Research in Their Practices as Teachers and Educators

This research explored how knowledge about medical education practices (e.g. curricular and assessment practices) is identified and used by educators. This was an exploratory study that utilized an undergraduate medical program as a case study. A role for faculty development in the knowledge-to-practice cycle, and a number of affordances, were identified that both impede and facilitate knowledge transfer and updates in the education context.

Grant - Reeves S, Leslie K, Onyura B, Baker L, Légaré F, Silver I, Rosenfield J, Hodges B, Curran V, Armson H, Kitto S. An exploration of the determinants of knowledge use in a medical education context. Funded by Knowledge Translation Canada. 2011-2012.

Publication - Affordances of knowledge translation in medical education: A qualitative exploration of empirical knowledge use among medical educators. Onyura B, Légaré F, Baker L, Reeves S, Rosenfield J, Kitto S, Hodges B, Silver I, Curran, V. Armson H, Leslie K. Academic Medicine (2015); 90(4): 518-524.