Teaching for Learning and Collaboration

This program is a 7 module longitudinal teaching skills program for multi-professional clinicians in healthcare. The program is relevant to the varied teaching contexts of multi-professional faculty and allows participants to share their teaching experiences and employ common teaching theory and behaviours together.

Content and Format

The 7 modules can be delivered longitudinally as a series or as single sessions:

  1. Setting the Educational Climate
  2. Identifying Learning Needs and Setting Objectives
  3. Making Learning Stick
  4. Managing the Teaching Session
  5. Checking In
  6. Feedback
  7. The Learner in Difficulty

Each module includes pre-readings, interactive delivery of theoretical content, deconstruction of re-enacted authentic teaching scenarios, role plays, group discussion, feedback, teaching tip cards and a commitment to change exercise.

Development of the program was informed by social constructivism, andragogy and reflective practice.

Program Dissemination

The TLC Modules have been offered as part of the Centre for Faculty Development’s workshop series since 2006. It is also currently part of the curriculum for the Education Scholars Program under the Teaching Excellence stream.

Demand for the program has resulted in the creation of a train-the-trainer session. Since then, several Toronto area teaching hospitals have incorporated TLC into their professional development programs for interprofessional staff and learners.


How do you prepare health professionals for teaching?


If you would like to learn more about the program or would like to speak with someone about offering this program at your location, please contact:

Camille Borromeo Denbigh
Education Program Coordinator
(416) 864-6060 x77419

Debbie Kwan, B.Sc.Phm., M.Sc., FCSHP
Assistant Director, Educational Development
(416) 864-6060 x77414
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