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TLC Train the Trainer
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  • Thu / Oct 5
    8:30 AM to 3:00 PM
  • 4.50 credits
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Teaching for Learning and Collaboration - Train the Trainer

The goal of this session is to train past TLC participants so they are able to disseminate the program at their own sites. At the end of the session, participants will be given full access to the teaching materials to use. 

** Note: Registrants must have completed at least three TLC modules to be eligible to participate in TLC Train the Trainer

1. To enhance skills and capacity for participants to implement the TLC program at their sites

2. To practice incorporating interactive teaching techniques such as co-facilitation and, conducting and debriefing role plays and video clips

3. To share lessons learned and tips for successful program implementation.


  • Debbie Kwan BScPhm, MSc

    Assistant Director, Educational Development - CFD
    Assistant Professor - Pharmacy and Family and Community Medicine
    Pharmacotherapy Specialist
    Family Medicine Clinic

  • Raed Hawa

    Undergraduate Psychiatry Coordinator, UHN

  • Brenda Mori BSc (PT), MSc, PhD

    Director, Education Scholars Program, CFD
    Director of Clinical Education and Community Affairs


Li Ka Shing, Room 216

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