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  • Tue / Apr 10
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Bringing a Sociological Lens to Health Professions Education Research (Apr session)

Much of the qualitative research we do in the domain of health professions education (HPE) research draws on methodologies and techniques from the discipline of sociology (e.g., sampling, interviewing, coding and analyses techniques). HPE researchers have become skillful in the use of these techniques for conducting research. However, the theoretical lenses sociologists possess when constructing a research problem have not been adequately taught, explored, or used in HPE research. The goal of this three hour workshop is to introduce participants to sociology and to conceptual thinking. The first part of the workshop will be in a lecture format examining, “What is sociological thinking?” The second part will be interactive and include hands-on activities.

At the end of this workshop:

1.       Participants will be familiarized with sociological thinking

2.       Participants will gain a better understanding of the role of concepts in sociological research


  • Mathieu Albert PhD

    Scientist, Wilson Centre
    Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto


Li Ka Shing International Healthcare Education Centre, 209 Victoria Street, Room 211

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