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  • Thu / Jan 24
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Fostering The New Revolution In Canadian Medical Education

There is a growing body of research that suggests that exposing medical trainees to the humanities (including: literature, film, poetry, and visual arts) fosters enhanced critical reflection and empathy in physician-patient encounters. Furthermore, such exposure celebrates the subjective and emotional facets of learning alongside more conventional scientific/evidence-based approaches.

1.    Learn approaches to teaching critical reflection and close reading of texts and images

2.    Gain experience and ability to teach these skills;

3.    Explore future directions for the integration of humanities competency into medical education.


  • Michael Roberts HBSc., BEd., MD, CCFP, FCFP

    Professional Development Coordinator
    Family Medicine

  • Jessica Munro BN, RN, PHC-NP

    Nurse Practitioner
    Status only appointment with Faculty of Nursing


Li Ka Shing International Healthcare Education Centre, 209 Victoria Street, Room 216

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