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Education Research Council
  • Mon / Nov 2
    12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
  • 1.00 hours

Education Research Community (ERC): History and Archival Research: An alternate approach to health professions education research

Much of what we do as health professions educators is based upon certain closely held beliefs, ideas and assumptions about practice, competency and education. As health professions education researchers, we regularly trouble these beliefs, focusing our research gaze on our commonly held assumptions using a wide variety of theories and methodological approaches. One research lens that is used somewhat less frequently in health professions education research is a historical lens.

In this talk, Robert will discuss how studying what we have done and thought in the past can be especially effective as a way to understand what we are thinking and doing in the present. More specifically, this talk will explore how using a historical lens can help researchers trouble current assumptions and practices triggering reflexive thinking in the process. In addition, he will discuss how looking retrospectively can help researchers see how trends in politics, funding and research thinking drive educational practice, institutional strategy and curricular objectives in present day. 

Please note: The Education Research Community (ERC) is an interdisciplinary mix of aspiring education researchers made up of administrators, educators, and clinical teachers from varied roles, professions, and experience levels with research. It is an informal, friendly environment where members can pick and choose which sessions are of interest to them. ERC is free of charge to anyone who may want to attend.

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  • Robert Paul MBA

    Director, CACE


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